About Jessie.N.Petersen

Anniversary Date 2018

Artist Statement


Creating art was my escape from the reality growing up. Being a military brat had some stress that was just hard to deal with such as moving every so many years and starting over again and again. I was the new girl in school every 2 ½ to 3 years and having to make new friends after losing my old ones was hard; I have lost a lot of friend in my childhood. It id hard for me to open up to people now because of that and to counter act that I started portraying my true feelings and thoughts into my artwork. The up side of being a military brat was meeting all these different people in all these different places. I lived in Washington off and on throughout my childhood along with West Virginiana, Fort Polk, Louisiana; Schweinfurt, Germany, and Hattiesburg Mississippi. This are where I lived but my parents took us on trips as well; I have been to London twice, French Alps for Christmas, Washington D.C(I don’t remember this trip I was a toddler), Mt. Rushmore, along with all sorts of different types of day trips.

My art seems to have a general theme of dark, creepy, mythology based, folk lore, and mixing different cultures. The myths I tend to lean towards are more European myths-Greek and Norse are a favorite; I am looking into Slavic mythology but I do not have enough information to use that mythology in my artwork. I do like meshing different folk art together-I designed a vinyl piece that I put onto one of my bags that was a woman with sugar skull paint on her face but the floral pattern was more Polish folk-art style that the traditional Spanish floral patterns. I feel like I tell a story with my artwork; like I am creating my very own myth about my life with my art; showing the struggles I had to overcome growing up. I mainly use charcoal, chalk, chalk pastels to achieve the dark, gritty, whimsical, and creepy look that my art tends to go. I do paint with acrylic and watercolor, high saturated colors and contrast, whimsical. I dabble in photography which tends to be more scenery shots; I want to show people the beauty of the earth.


Jessie's Resume

Jessica Nicole Petersen 

Born 1994 in Spokane, WA

Lives & works in Spokane, WA


2015, AA Degree, Spokane Falls Community College, Spokane, WA

2020, BA Studio Art, Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA



June 26-28

Spokane at Twilight, Mad Dragonfly, Campus Runway, Sunny Orange, Minimalism Exhibited at LACP in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

June 5-7

Something Cookin”, Tools for a Chef, Troubles Boiling, What do you see?, The Art of B&W Exhibited at BBA gallery, Berlin, Germany 

April 17-19

Christmas Joy, Lights of the Dark, O” Christmas Tree, Clock at twilight, Powerful Lighting Exhibited at the BBA Circle, Berlin, Germany


July 19th

my little man, Hunt Creek Falls, Coffee, Friendship Roses, Powerful Compositions Exhibited at the BBA gallery, Berlin, Germany

Senior Capstone Exhibition, EWU Downtown Student Gallery, WA


Printmaking 360 Class Display, EWU Art Building, Cheney, WA


Photography 304 final (“Dream Journal’) installation, EWU Art Building, Cheney, WA

Digital art 303 class displays, EWU Art Building, Cheney, WA

Drawing 300 class display, EWU Art Building, Cheney, WA


My High school Senior Project, Shadle Park High School LIbrary, N/A, Spokane, WA



The Dancers, Spokane’s School of Highland Dance, N/A, Spokane, WA

Shaddle’s Pride, Spokane’s School of Highland Dance, N/A, Spokane, WA


2017, EWU Dean’s List, Cheney, WA

Mama and Baby 2018

 Creating art is a way to escape the reality we are all trapped in.